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Sachin Tendulkar Retires !!

In an extremely shocking & hurriedly called press conference India’s greatest batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar announced his retirement from both forms of cricket.


In the press conference which lasted just about half an hour he said, he is totally shattered by India’s loss in the World Cup & his own performance. He continued “I take the responsibility of India’s lackluster show”.
He further said that this would help young generation to come forward & take the responsibility. On asking about his future plans he said he is looking forward to coach team India in the future.


Happy Mahaveer Jayanti

Today 31st March 2007 is Mahavir Jayanti [ Wikipedia ]
Bhagwan Mahaveer was born on this day. Its one of the most important Jain festivals.
Happy Mahaveer Jayanti to all of you

Above picture was taken last year on Mahaveer Jayanti. Its a temple called Shree Chandra Prabhu Jin Mandir in Aagapura, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

How to reach Agapura from IIIT Hyd:

From IIIT take 216 or 217 bus to Mehdipatnam

From Mehdipatnam  65-s Bus to SeetaRamBaag, Agapura.

After getting down there you can ask anyone about Jain Mandir.

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Antaa Scene Ledu !

Well this post is not about me saying “antaa scene ledu” to someone, but about my tryst with learning Telugu 😉
Now dont start thinking i am learning telugu but there was a time when i tried having a go at it but alas i couldnt move even an inch ahead :P. In my first year when we had similar seating arrangement for all the subjects, i used to sit in between two Telugu speaking guys. This was one of the reason why i thought of learning Telugu. By the way i have also been through process of learning Urdu during my school days ;). The result you can guess very well ! I could just learn Urdu alphabets (aleef be te se etc 🙂 )
Talking about telugu the first sentence i learnt was “Naku Telugu radu” :D. Believe me or not this is a very dangerous sentence, because if you say it to anyone he will start grinning and say if you dont know telugu then how come you could say this sentence (Oh God! why i learnt this sentence!). Though it has always been a good sentence for having fun with my freinds 😀
The other sentence i learnt was…Take a guess….well it was “Naku telugu uchchu” !! But alas i think i would never be able to speak this sentence(apart from having fun of course ;))
People say Telugu language is very sweet etc etc. Well for me Tamil Telugu Malyali all are the same…same sweetness :D. But the language i love is Hindi (I was among the lucky few to take hindi literature course in IIIT…oops sorry IIIT-H. And luckiest few to get an A in it 🙂 )

Coming back to Sweet Telugu, the other words i learnt includes:
1) Anta scene ledu…it was told by one of my chatting friends, when i exaggerated something in her praise 😛
2) Veltannanu..
3) Vunnava.. these two sentences were taught to me by one of my orkut friend when i told her about my tryst with telugu & my wish to learn it.
4) Nee Peru..this was taught by my classmate…after some time he got irritated with me 😀 & hence my learning process stopped then and there 😦

But as they say history repeats itself…i once again had the chance of learning Telugu. Though this time i did all the learning in order to have fun out of it! & even my teachers in the process were having laugh riot 😀 It happened when we went on a visit to Malkapur(Dist Warangal) for some work related to our BTP. Though during all this fun i could learn numbers in Telugu. Let me write them…
1 – Okkati
2 – Rundu
3 – Mudu
4 – Naalgu
5 – Aaydu
6 – Aadu
7 – This one i always forget
8 – Enmidi
9 – Thomidi
10 – Padi ….yeah 9/10 😀

I think the post is getting longer & i should stop otherwise i might start getting abused in telugu 😉 but this is one thing i was never interested in learning, but some of my friends wanted to learn only this thing :D.
Hope i will someday be able to speak in Telugu…but it seems to be a far fetched dream!…Anyways all Indian languages rocks! For me hindi rocks a bit more 🙂

Hostel Swayamsevaks

As most of us would have noticed by now (atleast in OBH & NBH & very soon in GHEB & GH 😉 ) a new group Hostel Swayamsevak has been formed which includes Swayamsevaks from all the batches who are willing to do something for the betterment of life in IIITH Hostels.
We people regularly meet & decide about the next action to be taken & things we can do to better hostel life.
The first thing we noticed was the ever increasing electricity bill. We came to know that most important reason behind it are:
1) Always running Geyser
2) Habit of people to turn on all the switches for lighting one tube
3) & leaving the room power on even while being away from room

Solution for reason 1 & 3 can come from Students awareness & concern toward saving electricity.From now onwards billing will be done wing wise instead of Hostel wise so that student will be responsible for their own wing. For increasing awareness we have put posters in the hostels. For solving the second reason we have assigned bathrooms & toilets numbers & then marked the switches with same numbers to facilitate students.I hope atleast now they will use their finger & not complete palm to turn on the lights 😉

And now i would like to thank all the first year swayamsevaks who came forward & did the job beautifully of completing our first target OBH 🙂
Today we also accomplished our second target (NBH) with the help of Devansh Mittal & UG1 & UG2 swayamsevaks.Of course i was also the part of team :).

One doubt clarification we are not inspired from RSS 😉 So people dont need to worry about that.
I would like all of you to be a part of Hostel Swayamsevaks & help in improving things or atleast support the cause as it is for our own benefit.

PS: If there are any other issues which you think we can solve or atleast be a part of solution please let us know.

Piyush Jain
Hostel Swayamsevak 🙂

Heart Vs Brain

Does She like me ?
or is it just like that,
but then why she smiled,
when last time we met.

My heart says she does,
she does like you Oh boy!
But as i start being happy,
my brain comes to annoy.

My brain says she does,
she does it just like that.
she think of you as a good friend,
& nothing more than that.

There is a big fight going,
between my brain and my heart.
Heart says you are so kind,
but brain says U are not that smart.

I have lost the count,
of nights, i dreamt of her,
brain says with her you cant share,
night food, pizza and burger. (Since I am Jain)

Heart says you can share,
your feelings and your joy!
she is made just for you,
just for you Oh my boy !

The fight is still on,
& I have to judge the winner,
brain has been ahead till now,
hope heart comes ahead from rear!

brain has been ahead till now, hope heart comes ahead from rear!

Hu Ha India, Aaya India !

Friends World Cup 07 has begun….and this time team India is well & truly in race with lot of match winners.When i went through the complete list of Indian team i didnt see even a single person who has never won a match for India. I hope all of them click well this time & complete the task that they left unfinished last time…Wishing you good luck dudes.

& Now something about the world cup in my way 😉

Its high time again, all nations are geared up,
after a gap of 4 year, comes back the world cup.

16 teams this time, but only 8 truly in race,
alas this time we will miss, brett & shoeb’s pace.

Tendya, Dada & Mcgrath, are here for last time,
hope they play as well, as they played in their prime.

If i had to choose, the final four in the race,
Aussies India Lanka & Africa, are ahead in the chase.

Players to look for, are Dada Utthappa & Tendya,
From deep within, I wish good luck to Team India.

What we left unfinished, in cup’s last edition,
Hope we will prove, losing finals is not our tradition.

Warning to the world, from team of Tendya,
Hu ha India, Aaya India !!

Hu Ha India, Aaya India….

SMS : Saral Mobile Sandesh

Unlike Gmail my cell phone does not allow me to store sms’s beyond a certain limit & my friend Afaan has sworn to keep continuing sending sms’s whatever be the case. So in order to let other sms’s come into my inbox & also not to delete the previous sms’s (some of which are really lovely) i am writing them here…


1) Romantic & Friendship Ones
2) Cool & Fool Ones

Romantic & Friendship One’s

Is dil mein aa sakega na koi,
is dil ko chura sakega na koi..
kasoor ismein kisi ka nahi kyun ki,
aap jaisi jagah is dil me bana sakega na koi…

Every garden must have a rose,
every sweet face must have a smile..
Every grass must have dew,
& evry person in this world must hav a frnd like U !

Kal ho aaj jaisa, Mahel ho Taj Jaisa, Phool ho gulaab jaisa,
Aur zindagi ke har kadam par Dost ho aap jaisa!!

Tamanna se nahi Tanhaai se darte hain,
Pyaar se nahi ruswai se darte hain.
Milne ki to bahut chahat hai,
Magar milne ke baad ki judaai se darte hain.

Karna hai khuda se ek guzarish tumhari dosti ke siva koi bandagi na mile.
Har janam mein mile dost tere jaisa, Ya fir kabhi zindagi na mile !

A *smile* is a sign of joy,
A *hug* is a sign of love,
A *laugh* is a sign of happiness,
A *friend like me is a sign of ur “DAMN GOOD CHOICE”

Cool & Fool ones
Please KISS me

Koi B nahi hai
Karo na!
Jaldi karo na..
Kiss means
K- Koi
I- Interesting
S- sms
S- send karo na!
So kiss me na plz, dont smile… 🙂

If someone did ask me What do you love the most, I would sit next to u, Pull u close to me, Put my arms around u & say proudly “I Love Animals”!

height of language misuse:
Student seeing monkey out of the window and d prof scolds him “Y r u seeing d monkey outside wen i m in class !”

LOVE is like a Pant!
Friendship is like a chaddhi!
Bcoz pant agar phat bhi jaaye to chaddhi izzat bacha leti hai!
THANKS .. for being my chaddhi!

What is the difference between problem and talent ?2 boys love 1 girl = Problem1 boy loves two girls = Talent !!

KBC mein shahrukh ne mujhse poocha “World ka sabse bada ullu kaun hai ?”….maine ek crore thukra diya par tera naam nahi bataya…Thatz friendship !!

Patient: Doctor ye phoolon ka haar kiske liye hai ?
Doctor: Ye mera pehla operation hai, agar safal hua to mere liye warna aapke liye …:O

Do u want N-91 in Rs. 999/- only ?with free hutch sim card with 999 sms’s and 1500 talk time ?
Just logon to!
Good Night , Sleep soon 😉

There is a clock in heaven. Every time u lie its hand moves.Mother Teresa’s never moved. Gandhi Ji’s moved once. God is using your’s as “Table Fan”…;)

Mallika on Airport
Bhikari: Behen Ji, 1 rupya dedo…
Mallika gave him 1000 rupees…
Secretary: Why you gave him 1000 rs ?

Mallika: Pehli baar kisi ne BEHEN kaha hai !!!

Kya aap ke paas hai?
Sulagta Jism,
Kap-kapate honth,
Thar-tharata badan,
Lad-khadati aawaz,
Nashilee aankhen?

Agar hai to aapko Dengue, hain plz dawa lijiye!!

Hum pyaar ko pura nibhana jaante hain,
Zakhm tumhare kitne bhi gehre hon..hum dawa jaante hain.
Hamein bhulne ki koshish na karna,
Hum GALA DABANA bhi jaante hain 😉

Krupya Dhyaan de,>>>











Dhyaan dene ke liye dhanyavaad…ab aap ja sakte hain 😉