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एक लघु विषय पर दीर्घ वाद,

हल कर सकता था जिसे संवाद ।

पर था अभिमान दोनों और,

थोडी बात बडी, हुआ शंखनाद ॥

तू गलत गलत, मैं सही सही,

यूं बढने लगी कुछ कहा कही ।

मन इसका दुखी, मन उसका दुखी,

पर झुकने कोई तैयार नहीं ॥

कुछ तर्क हुआ, कुछ वितर्क हुआ,

प्यारा सा गृह यूं नर्क हुआ ।

ये भी अडियल, वो भी अडियल,

दोनों का बेडा गर्क हुआ ॥

जब हुई रात, मन शांत हुआ,

फ़िर किये पर पश्चाताप हुआ ।

हुआ ऐसा क्यूं, किया वैसा क्यूं,

रह रहकर यूं संताप हुआ ॥

फ़िर सुबह हुई, मन शांत हुआ,

अपनी गलती पर खेद हुआ ।

तब चैन मिला, मिली थोडी खुशी,

मतभेद, नहीं मनभेद, हुआ ।।

पियूष !!


Sketches that made me Graduate !

I have been fond of sketching from my childhood but never thought it will help me in completing my graduation !
At IIIT we have to complete 5 extra curricular credits during 8 semester which is mandatory to graduate. I completed 4 credits in first 4 semesters but the legendary 5th credit never got completed in the next four semesters because of one reason or other. In the end just one month before the convocation ceremony i came to know that i haven’t received the expected 5th grade. I was supposed to get the fine art credit after submitting 1 sketch 😛 but the Instructor Deepthi Ma’am rightly found it insufficient enough. Hence i was told to do something substantial in order to complete the requirement. Following sketches are made in search of that elusive 5th grade !

And yeah i got the grade just a week before convocation !! Thats what i call a true engineering student 😉











Feels good to be graduated 😉