Hostel Swayamsevaks

As most of us would have noticed by now (atleast in OBH & NBH & very soon in GHEB & GH 😉 ) a new group Hostel Swayamsevak has been formed which includes Swayamsevaks from all the batches who are willing to do something for the betterment of life in IIITH Hostels.
We people regularly meet & decide about the next action to be taken & things we can do to better hostel life.
The first thing we noticed was the ever increasing electricity bill. We came to know that most important reason behind it are:
1) Always running Geyser
2) Habit of people to turn on all the switches for lighting one tube
3) & leaving the room power on even while being away from room

Solution for reason 1 & 3 can come from Students awareness & concern toward saving electricity.From now onwards billing will be done wing wise instead of Hostel wise so that student will be responsible for their own wing. For increasing awareness we have put posters in the hostels. For solving the second reason we have assigned bathrooms & toilets numbers & then marked the switches with same numbers to facilitate students.I hope atleast now they will use their finger & not complete palm to turn on the lights 😉

And now i would like to thank all the first year swayamsevaks who came forward & did the job beautifully of completing our first target OBH 🙂
Today we also accomplished our second target (NBH) with the help of Devansh Mittal & UG1 & UG2 swayamsevaks.Of course i was also the part of team :).

One doubt clarification we are not inspired from RSS 😉 So people dont need to worry about that.
I would like all of you to be a part of Hostel Swayamsevaks & help in improving things or atleast support the cause as it is for our own benefit.

PS: If there are any other issues which you think we can solve or atleast be a part of solution please let us know.

Piyush Jain
Hostel Swayamsevak 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hostel Swayamsevaks

  1. [i]1) Always running Geyser[/]

    Dood…this the reason..BLN gives…..does nyone know…Geyser’s come with auto poweroff ‘PLUGIN”:D ….

  2. gg 🙂
    wantd 2 comment fr this post…dunno hw this comment ended up at ur go-veg post!
    1 suggestion fr saving electricity bill……try providing the elec. switch for the geyser outside. The switch is on most of the times and students are unaware of it. This could do wonders in reducing the elec. bill

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