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Movie that made me cry..

After a long time, i came across a movie that made me cry !! I think, earlier i would have never thought that i would be in tears watching a “Telugu” movie!
This movie is recent talk of “Triple IT”.
I am talking about Bommarillu, it is simply awesome!
Both Siddartha & Genelia acted beautifully, to say the least. Till first half it was a feel good movie but in the second half it was just awesome. Music of movie is gr8.
Thanks to all the friends who suggested & of course who downloaded this movie.
This family thing always brings tears in my eyes be it K3G or Baghbaan, and now its Bommarillu.
Btw he made a mistake by selecting ha ha hasini to marry..since till 24 years his father didnt let him talk and now ha ha hasini wont 😀

I always delete movie after watching once (who has the time to watch twice 😉 ), but this one….no way !!

Go watch bommarillu, if u havent yet !


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Will you be my valentine ??

May be i could never meet you,
May be i could never see you!
But i want to live with the feeling,
that such a nice person as you, is friend of mine.
& thats why i could dare to ask you,
XYZ will you be my valentine ??

I wrote this about an year back, for a very good “online” friend of mine. Wanted to keep this in my memory forever, hence posting here…


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Use bhoolne ka prayaas….

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उसे भूलने का प्रयास, मै नित्य ही करता रहता हूँ ।
दूर उससे होने के बाद
, मै कष्ट भले फ़िर सहता हूँ ।

मेरा ह्र्दय जब करे प्रयास, मै ऊसे केवल यह कहता हूँ।
मिलन होगा निश्चय हमारा, गर
ह्र्दय मे उसके रहता हूँ ।

आशा तट से बन्धा था पहले, पर अब बहाव मे बहता हूँ ।
अब उसका कोई विचार नही, न राह मै उसकी गहता हूँ ।

बाहर से हूँ तना हुआ, अन्दर ही अन्दर ढ्हता हूँ ।
पर उसे भूलने का पर्यास, मै नित्या ही करता रहता हूँ

In English:
Use bhoolne ka prayaas main nitya hi karta rehta hun,
door hone ke pashchaat, main dard bhale fir sehta hun.

Mera hrudaya jab kare prayaas, main use keval yah kehta hun,
Milan hoga nishchaya hamara, gar hrudaya main uske rehta hun.

Aasha taT se bandhaa tha pehle, par ab bahaav mein behta hun,
ab uska koi vichaar nahi, naa raah main uski gehta hun,

Baahar se hun tana hua, andar hi andar dhehta hun,
par use bhoolne ka prayaas main nitya hi karta rehta hun.

Adios & नमस्ते,
Piyush पियूष

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About the April 1st post :D

Sorry to those:
Who are ardent Sachin fan & didn’t want to see him retiring at any cost be it the world cup :P, and for a moment they felt shattered.

Sorry to those:

Who were waiting for this moment to come true, but were shattered after knowing that it was a joke.

Thanks to:

All the readers to make it my most read post 😛 & thanks to some of my friends for forwarding it on there yahoo messengers 😉

ROFL at :

Streethawk 😀 (Refer DC++ readboard)

I feel pity at: because he is really sick(mentally) person. God please help him. And all of you please send him “Get well soon” cards 😀

Though i seriously think it is the time Sachin should say bye bye to Cricket, atleast One-days.
Australia is looking unbeatable again. Oh god! now hattrick of World Cup’s too 😦


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