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WLAN ko use karna Mushqil hi nahin Naamumkin hai !!

WLAN ka intezaar to Gyarah Wings ke PC’s ko hai, Lekin yeh baat samajh lo ki WLAN ko use karna mushqil hi nahi..Naamumkin hai !!

From last few days i have been feeling very nostalgic & the reason behind it is IIIT WLAN. Now you must be thinking how come wireless LAN can bring my past to me? But believe me it really did!!
How ?
Actually the way WLAN has been working(??) nowadays, It reminds me of my grandfather’s village, where electricity used to be either just for few hours or not at all! Now when i see the condition of WLAN it truly brings me back my memories.
It has really started acting like electricity in villages, the only difference is that there you sometimes know that in this particular period electricity will be there, but here in IIIT you never know when will it it come(or will it ??)!! You have to be lucky to be present at the moment it knocks at your door-step.
In villages people go to towns & cities to do important tasks,same scenario is here, where we go to Lab to complete necessary work.In village when a person go to town others request him to do some of their work also, here we request our friends going to lab to check our’s mails too..
Though one point where elctricity is better is that when it come it let everyone know that its Back..but this is not the case with WLAN :(..


1) I request the Sys-admins to please fix a time when they could provide us with network,So that we people can do atleast most important tasks.
2) I think there should be some alarm in our PC’s & Lappy’s so that it could inform us about the much awaited arrival of LAN..

3) We should make groups of friends with common password for every group & should fix the timings when one messenger will go to LAB and bring your messages ..

4) Now dont expect all solutions from me yaar!!

I am going home tomorrow morning & had loads of work but could not stop myself from writing.The post has been written in a hurry because IIIT WLAN ko use karne ke liye you have to be smart agile & real fast..
PS1: My first post not in the form of poem..
PS2: From first post itself i have started using PS’s 😛
PS3: If wlan brings even ur memories back plz share..:D
PS4: Writing fourth becoz 3 doesnt look well 😉