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Dont you sometime feel that whatever we are doing here is not very much what we wish or what our parents expect from us..?? I know most of us do not, but even then i am sure everyone of us must have thought atleast once about it…when i came across this thought once again (which generally come with xamz!)these lines i have written at such a moment..

Disclaimer: These lines are not a result of my midsem performance :D,i wrote them before mids, but was busy with preparations..

I feel guilty,
when my Mother asks,
‘How are you studying?’
& i say ‘fine Mom’ !!

She asks before the exams,
‘how is your preparation?’
& again i lie..
‘Its good Mom’ !!

She is worried about me,
so she again calls after the exam,
& again i could only say..
‘it went fine Mom’..

How can i say to her,
I studied only a day before,
how can i explain to her,
over lecture i preferred sleep more..

I didnt make any notes,
but chatted with my friends!
i never opened course book,
but wasted time in browsing net..

I copied the assignments,
without giving a second thought.
I ended up sleeping,
when finally time to study i got..

How can i lie to her,
who has enormous faith in me.
who never cared for herself,
but did everything for me..

I was never like this,
I was conscious of my responsibilities,
I always tried to do my best,
always concerned about studies..

Earlier she used to say,
‘Please go to sleep its very late..’
& i used to reply,
‘i am going Mom plz wait..’!!

Then why is this transformation?
why lack of motivation?
Future is still not certain,
then why is this hesitation?

Mom You have always been my strength,
you suffered happily for my gain..
Give me power & wake me up,
I want to be your old son again !!

Give me power & wake me up, I want to be your old son again !!


SOS : Search of Someone…

I hope with this post i am expressing the feelings of a lot of my friends…who after being away from their parents are searching for someone…someone adorable,someone lovable…

Though I am with crowd but still alone,
nothing I wanted those days are gone..

But now I feel I need someone with me,
someone i care for whom & who cares for me..

Someone who is kind and beautiful at heart,
someone from whom I would never get part..

Someone to whom I am the best,
even if I am lesser than the rest..

Someone to whom my innocense is precious,
who have faith in me & not suspicious..

Someone who shares her every single thought,
from whom any explaination i never ever ought,

Someone who is not bothered about the world,
who is more precious to me than emerald..

To me I am sure you are that someone,
with hands in hand i can freely run..

Though i havent seen you but ur image is in mind,
u are caring loving u r true u r kind..

I wish no more alone i would remain,
be my girl i want to be your man..

I am the one,for you who would bear any pain,
Be my Girl I want to be your man…

Be my Girl I want to be your Man…

Bas itna sa khwab hai….

Every1 has some wishes, every1 dreams abt something… every1 wants their wishes to b fulfilled, every1 wants their dreams to come true…thn whts wrong even if i wish..thn whts wrong if i dream ??

Today i want to disclose,
the dreams tht i see..
my desires are very few,
I am sure u will agree..

I want to be the most,
happy person in the universe..
I want to be most healthy,
a person without any curse..

I want to be the person,
to whom everyone admire most..
I wan to be so strong,
from whom fears even ghost..

I want to be loved by every1,
with whom i ever meet..
I want to have the spirit,
to whom no one can beat..

I wan to have tht authority,
tht every1 follow my orders..
I want to have that omnipresence,
to stop me thr wont b any borders..

I want all the bad thoughts,
to be removed frm my mind..
I want to be magnanimous,
honest helping & kind..

Donno whether these little desires,
tht i have kept in my heart..
I will ever be able to fulfill,
before my body and soul get apart..

I want you to read my poem,
& with you reading it till now..
I can say with proud,
atleast this wish fulfilled,Wow!!

Bas Itna sa khwab hai…..>;-)

Solutions to Paichaan Kaun…

Solutions are:
1: Prof Kamal K
2: Prof Venkaiah
3: Prof Govindrajulu
4: Prof Kannan S
5: Prof Jawahar
6: Prof Bruhadeshwar (Most of the ppl faultered abt him)
7: Prof CN Kaul
8: Mr & Mrs Marathe
9: Prof PK Reddy
10: Prof Jayanthi S
11: Prof G Ramamurthy

Paichaan Kaun !!

Here is a small exercise for your idle minds 😉 each stanza contains some particular characteristics of our beloved profs 😉 now how much u knw abt thm can b knwn if u cud answer who is the prof being mentioned….
Are u ready….Get Set Go….

1) Explaining wid examples,
with laptop in hand..
& his great grading formula,
tht u wil never understand..

2) Have the art of making,
most interesting subject look bore…
No probs if u sleep in class,
in book u wil get more..

3) His hillarious sense of humour,
is his most important trait..
a prof a dean a friend,
you wil never forget..

4) He is as cool as ice,
with stylish pony tail..
on going late to his classes,
you dont need to look pale..

5) He is strict he is motivating,
the prof i admire most..
on copying in his assignments,
he might seem a ghost..

6) He might be short in height,
but energywise he is long..
my first view about this new prof,
i hope does not prove wrong…

7) The most well behaved,
& decent prof you wil ever meet..
his commitment at this age,
no one can ever beat…

8) This gentleman with attitude,
with english taught abt life..
but the lady is simple & down to earth,
who happens to be his wife..

9) The most uninteresting prof,
in whose class u need not concentrate..
bcoz wht he reads in class, (Mind U read n nt teach)
in course slides u will get..

10) From far she will look lenient,
but when closer u will get..
she is as strict as JAVAhar,
keeps u on ur toes,I bet..

11) Sending mail to students list,
intended for one IIITian brat,
& his trademark “How bout U”,
how can we forget that..

Got them ?? no??
Solutions in next post…

Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain….

Sometimes when i sit alone having free time suddenly my mind goes back to those gud ol’days when there was no tension just fun & enjoyment..these lines i hav scribbled remembering those gud ol’days…

Thinking of past,
of those good ol’days…
of my lovely buddies,
& our own cherishing ways…

Going late school daily,
& never attending prayer…
& hiding from the principal,
on having long hair…

Enjoying in the classes,
of course wid teacher absent…
writing wid chalk,
on each others pant…

Doing some mischief,
but still geting saved…
bcoz teacher couldnt believe,
tht i can do something like tht…

Going to play cricket,
in morning & in the noon..
whether cold of december,
or heat of may & june…

Going to paathshaala,
& learning how to live,
learning about soul,
learning how to forgive…

Mama’s home in vacations,
was our playground,
& sharing of laughters,
wid everyone around…

Rushing to coaching,
& preaparing for the test,
working hard all day,
to perform level best…

Sometime i get nostalgic,
about memories of the past…
sometime i think,
why time moves so fast…

Can i get back,
the life tht i earlier had…
tht Mom’s tasty food,
tht joyous young lad…

I dont want to go into description,
of those joyous years…
as i fear wid memories,
it might bring few tears…

Time has moved ahead,
& with it i’l have to move…
fingers crossed abt future,
hope better it will prove…

Fingers crossed abt future,Hope better it will prove…

Aaj Main Khush Hoon..

Yeah!! i m really vry happy & it can be observed frm the fact tht i hav written this poem outside the lecture hall !!

I am Happy,
Yes I am Happy……

After a long time,
Even my life is in rhyme..
Though I was always sure,
But i knew i’l have to endure..

Happiness of relations,
Happiness of celebrations..
Joy of loosing afflictions,
Joy of regained affections..

My loved ones with whom,
I once had tied knot..
Yes the same people with time,
I unintentionally forgot..

I want to thank ceremonies,
I want to thank celebrations..
They have brought together,
those broken joyous relations..

Now there is no nagging,
now there is no bragging..
Just care,love & affection,
this surrounding is having..

I know there is a lot,
still to be achieved..
But this little Shower of Joy,
has made me relieved..

Hoping to say Good-Bye,
to my sufferings & pain..
Hope this delightful shower,
wil bring much awaited Rain..

Smile please..!! I am happy after all.. 🙂