Antaa Scene Ledu !

Well this post is not about me saying “antaa scene ledu” to someone, but about my tryst with learning Telugu 😉
Now dont start thinking i am learning telugu but there was a time when i tried having a go at it but alas i couldnt move even an inch ahead :P. In my first year when we had similar seating arrangement for all the subjects, i used to sit in between two Telugu speaking guys. This was one of the reason why i thought of learning Telugu. By the way i have also been through process of learning Urdu during my school days ;). The result you can guess very well ! I could just learn Urdu alphabets (aleef be te se etc 🙂 )
Talking about telugu the first sentence i learnt was “Naku Telugu radu” :D. Believe me or not this is a very dangerous sentence, because if you say it to anyone he will start grinning and say if you dont know telugu then how come you could say this sentence (Oh God! why i learnt this sentence!). Though it has always been a good sentence for having fun with my freinds 😀
The other sentence i learnt was…Take a guess….well it was “Naku telugu uchchu” !! But alas i think i would never be able to speak this sentence(apart from having fun of course ;))
People say Telugu language is very sweet etc etc. Well for me Tamil Telugu Malyali all are the same…same sweetness :D. But the language i love is Hindi (I was among the lucky few to take hindi literature course in IIIT…oops sorry IIIT-H. And luckiest few to get an A in it 🙂 )

Coming back to Sweet Telugu, the other words i learnt includes:
1) Anta scene ledu…it was told by one of my chatting friends, when i exaggerated something in her praise 😛
2) Veltannanu..
3) Vunnava.. these two sentences were taught to me by one of my orkut friend when i told her about my tryst with telugu & my wish to learn it.
4) Nee Peru..this was taught by my classmate…after some time he got irritated with me 😀 & hence my learning process stopped then and there 😦

But as they say history repeats itself…i once again had the chance of learning Telugu. Though this time i did all the learning in order to have fun out of it! & even my teachers in the process were having laugh riot 😀 It happened when we went on a visit to Malkapur(Dist Warangal) for some work related to our BTP. Though during all this fun i could learn numbers in Telugu. Let me write them…
1 – Okkati
2 – Rundu
3 – Mudu
4 – Naalgu
5 – Aaydu
6 – Aadu
7 – This one i always forget
8 – Enmidi
9 – Thomidi
10 – Padi ….yeah 9/10 😀

I think the post is getting longer & i should stop otherwise i might start getting abused in telugu 😉 but this is one thing i was never interested in learning, but some of my friends wanted to learn only this thing :D.
Hope i will someday be able to speak in Telugu…but it seems to be a far fetched dream!…Anyways all Indian languages rocks! For me hindi rocks a bit more 🙂