SMS : Saral Mobile Sandesh

Unlike Gmail my cell phone does not allow me to store sms’s beyond a certain limit & my friend Afaan has sworn to keep continuing sending sms’s whatever be the case. So in order to let other sms’s come into my inbox & also not to delete the previous sms’s (some of which are really lovely) i am writing them here…


1) Romantic & Friendship Ones
2) Cool & Fool Ones

Romantic & Friendship One’s

Is dil mein aa sakega na koi,
is dil ko chura sakega na koi..
kasoor ismein kisi ka nahi kyun ki,
aap jaisi jagah is dil me bana sakega na koi…

Every garden must have a rose,
every sweet face must have a smile..
Every grass must have dew,
& evry person in this world must hav a frnd like U !

Kal ho aaj jaisa, Mahel ho Taj Jaisa, Phool ho gulaab jaisa,
Aur zindagi ke har kadam par Dost ho aap jaisa!!

Tamanna se nahi Tanhaai se darte hain,
Pyaar se nahi ruswai se darte hain.
Milne ki to bahut chahat hai,
Magar milne ke baad ki judaai se darte hain.

Karna hai khuda se ek guzarish tumhari dosti ke siva koi bandagi na mile.
Har janam mein mile dost tere jaisa, Ya fir kabhi zindagi na mile !

A *smile* is a sign of joy,
A *hug* is a sign of love,
A *laugh* is a sign of happiness,
A *friend like me is a sign of ur “DAMN GOOD CHOICE”

Cool & Fool ones
Please KISS me

Koi B nahi hai
Karo na!
Jaldi karo na..
Kiss means
K- Koi
I- Interesting
S- sms
S- send karo na!
So kiss me na plz, dont smile… 🙂

If someone did ask me What do you love the most, I would sit next to u, Pull u close to me, Put my arms around u & say proudly “I Love Animals”!

height of language misuse:
Student seeing monkey out of the window and d prof scolds him “Y r u seeing d monkey outside wen i m in class !”

LOVE is like a Pant!
Friendship is like a chaddhi!
Bcoz pant agar phat bhi jaaye to chaddhi izzat bacha leti hai!
THANKS .. for being my chaddhi!

What is the difference between problem and talent ?2 boys love 1 girl = Problem1 boy loves two girls = Talent !!

KBC mein shahrukh ne mujhse poocha “World ka sabse bada ullu kaun hai ?”….maine ek crore thukra diya par tera naam nahi bataya…Thatz friendship !!

Patient: Doctor ye phoolon ka haar kiske liye hai ?
Doctor: Ye mera pehla operation hai, agar safal hua to mere liye warna aapke liye …:O

Do u want N-91 in Rs. 999/- only ?with free hutch sim card with 999 sms’s and 1500 talk time ?
Just logon to!
Good Night , Sleep soon 😉

There is a clock in heaven. Every time u lie its hand moves.Mother Teresa’s never moved. Gandhi Ji’s moved once. God is using your’s as “Table Fan”…;)

Mallika on Airport
Bhikari: Behen Ji, 1 rupya dedo…
Mallika gave him 1000 rupees…
Secretary: Why you gave him 1000 rs ?

Mallika: Pehli baar kisi ne BEHEN kaha hai !!!

Kya aap ke paas hai?
Sulagta Jism,
Kap-kapate honth,
Thar-tharata badan,
Lad-khadati aawaz,
Nashilee aankhen?

Agar hai to aapko Dengue, hain plz dawa lijiye!!

Hum pyaar ko pura nibhana jaante hain,
Zakhm tumhare kitne bhi gehre hon..hum dawa jaante hain.
Hamein bhulne ki koshish na karna,
Hum GALA DABANA bhi jaante hain 😉

Krupya Dhyaan de,>>>











Dhyaan dene ke liye dhanyavaad…ab aap ja sakte hain 😉


Piyush is a Cheater !!

Neeche di gayi poem Satya Ghatna par aadharit hai & iska jeevit logon se gehra sambandh hai… 😛

It was sometime
when i was in seventh class….
busy in mugging up the questions
which were necessary to get pass…

Questions were too big
& i was so small…
& the habbit of mugging them up
for me proved to be fatal…

I tried my best
& read them again n again…
But those big questions
couldnt enter my brain…

Then came the time
with one day left for the Xam…
My brain stopped working
as if it had got a jam..

Marks were precious to me
as toys for a kid….
I decided to do something
tht my friends frequently did….

Those BIG-BIG questions
now were in my chit….
this daring plan of mine
I hoped to be a hit…

Next day in the Hall
terrified I sat….
worried about the questions
which one will i get….

I felt a bit Happy
& at the same time I felt Sad…
there is a question from the chit
on finding about that….

Being a First Timer
I didnt know Cheating’s Rules….
I wished to God
Why didnt u make Cheating Schools ??

I put the chit beside me
trembling with fear…
My face grew Gray
as the Invigilator came near…

He had seen me copying
from my chit to the sheet…
I couldnt prepare myself
to prepare time’s Heat…

Tears came from my eyes
as if Rain from the Cloud….
I lost all my image
of which i was so Proud….

After getting insulted
& tainted for ever….
I decided not to cheat
Never ! Never ! Never !

This has been tragedy with me always 😦 i mean whenever i cheated i got caught.
So finally i decided not to cheat after i got caught in 8th class again :)) & haan Thank God !! i am following tht resolution till now.. 🙂

Exam Vexam Hai Rabba !!

Again came Exam Time,
Appaji sent us the time table…..
probably it was the first time,
when even “HE” seemed to be a Devil..

Willingly or unwillingly,
we had to write the test…..
so once again i decided,
to work hard & give my Best…

First time in few months,
my concentration seemed to be Right…
I started working hard.
working hard Day and Night…..

24 hours a day were less,
I wanted them to be more….
Once again i cursed myself,
why didnt i start few days before….

Now i had just one option,
to use the time left in my Hand…..
The time was slipping so fast,
as if it was sand….

Then came the Death Day,
we all were in the Hall….
we all knew the reality,
so expectations were too small…

After watching the Exam paper,
I was just about to faint….
but i had to write something,
as I had to answer my Parent….

The Prof tried to motivate us,
saying no Guts no Glory…..
probably we were not too interested,
because same was the story…..

Finally the torture ended ,
some came out Weeping some Crying…
I tried hard to look kool,
though i knew i was Lying…..

After my dismal Performance,
finally I took a resolution…
I wont sleep in the lectures,
& will start early my preparation….

But I couldnt change myself,
even after coming at such juncture….
& do u know that this poem,
I have written in the same lecture…..