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A class by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam :)

It was our last class of IIIT stay and it couldn’t have been more memorable than a class by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam himself !!
He has always inspired and motivated me, as always today’s lecture was also very inspiring. He took 3 topics and answered many question of the audience. The point that he focused was on developing leadership quality, to come forward and lead. He said there are three qualities that make a leader and they are:

i) “Vision”
ii) “Capability of managing failure”
iii) “Work with integrity and succeed with integrity”, Credibility

He gave his two personal experiences as examples of how to lead and succeed. These experiences were of the India’s collaborative projects with Russia and South Africa.

The third topic that he took was of low per capita income in Indian IT industry. He emphasized on focusing on knowledge products as against the IT products that presently most Indian companies are busy producing.
As always he reminded of the vision 2020. He also remembered his 5th grade teacher and how he made him dream of flying in air that finally led him to all the heights.
While answering the questions of students his tongue in cheek humor was at full display. Most memorable was the one when Karan Maroo of UG3 asked whether he liked being a Scientist or a Teacher or a President. His reply was ” if you are good human being then you are good at whatever you are whether it is being Scientist or a teacher or president or Muslim. But in between you and me i like being teacher !! ” As soon as the sentence finished the whole classroom was filled with laughter :). Thats where the leacture finished, with smiles on everyones face !!

I happened to meet Dr Kalam in 2002, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, when i was in school (St. Michael’s Bhopal). At that time this picture of mine was taken while i was asking the following question to him:

Myself and Dr. Kalam at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Q: “Sir, With you at the helm of the affairs, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sir, when will you show us the complete day light ??”

Ans: He gave a long answer which rotated around Vision 2020. He motivated us to take lead and be a part in the realization of his & our countries vision.

I took a notebook with myself to take his autograph but just completely forgot once he came in front of us. Today i had decided that i must take his autograph and what could be the better place than the picture itself.

And yeah this time i succeeded and following pictures tell the remaining story 🙂

Myself and Dr kalam - 1

Myself and Dr kalam - 2

Myself and Dr kalam - 3

Myself and Dr kalam - 4

BTW He was amused to see the pic 🙂


All smiling 🙂

All smiling

Will always remember you IIIT-H 🙂