Uttam Aarjav, Uttam Shauch , Uttam Satya and Uttam Sanyam

As promised in this post i will write about the next 4 lakshan of dashlakshan dharm. I am sorry for being late but was busy with project etc. Also when i sat for writing two days back and when i was just about to publish, my computer hanged and all data was lost ! Anyways better late than never.

Day 3 : Uttam Aarjav

This day celebrates Uttam Aarjav meaning Supreme Simplicity.


कपट ना कीजे कोय, चोरन के पुर ना बसैं ।
सरल सुभावी होय, ताके घर बहु सम्पदा ॥
उत्तम आर्जव रीति बखानी, रन्चक दगा बहुत दुखदानी ।
मन में हो सो वचन उचरिये, वचन होय सो तन सो करिये ॥
करिये सरल तिंहु जोग अपने, देख निरमल आरसी ।
मुख करे जैसा लखे तैसा, कपट प्रीति अन्गारसी ॥
नहीं लहे लछमी अधिक छल करि, करम बन्ध विशेषता ।
भय त्यागि दूध बिलाव पीवै, आपदा नहीं देखता ॥

We should not be wicked and also we shouldn’t live with the wicked people. We should be simple minded and those who are simple get all the worldly facilities by themselves (Though they do not wish for it !). Simplicity is said to be the greatest virtue and cheating/fraud causes a lot of pain and problems. We should speak what we have in our heart and we should do what we say. We should be simple in all our activities and shouldn’t be skew. We shouldnt take wrong way of cheating to earn more money, which results in a lot of Karma getting accumulated. The poet gives an example of ideal condition where everyone will be simple is when a cat can drink milk freely without fearing any attack.
The moral is we should be simple and straight forward which is the key to happiness.

Day 4 : Uttam Shauch

This day celebrates Uttam Shauch meaning Supreme Contenment/Purity


धरि हिरदै सन्तोष, करहु तपस्या देह सों ।
शौच सदा निर्दोष, धरम बढो संसार में ॥
उत्तम शौच सर्व जग जाना, लोभ पाप को बाप बखाना ।
आशा-पास महा दुखदानी, सुख पावै सन्तोषी प्रानी ॥
प्रानी सदा शुचि शील जप तप, ग्यान ध्यान प्रभावतैं ।
नित गंग जमुन समुद्र न्हाये, अशुचि दोष सुभाव्तैं ।।
ऊपर अमल मल भर्यो भीतर, कौन विधि घट शुचि कहै ।
बहु देह मैली सुगुन थैली, शौच गुन साधू लहै ॥


We should be content in our heart and should work hard from our bodies. Contentment is always pure and its a great Dharma in this world. Whereas contentment is always supreme, on the other hand greed is called the originator of all evils. Greed/Desire are very pain/sorrow causing whereas a content person always gains happiness. Just as body’s dirt can be cleaned from the water, the dirt of our soul can be cleaned by being content, well charactered, hard working and by true knowledge and concentration. How can we call a person clean who is though clean from outside but is all dirty from inside. On the contrary a Sage though being dirty from outside is all pure because of his bunch of good qualities that everyone strives for. Such a Sage has supreme purity. We should all try to be as content as possible as there is no end of desires.

Day 5 : Uttam Satya

This day celebrates Uttam Satya meaning SupremeTruthfulness


कठिन वचन मति बोल, पर-निन्दा अरु झूठ तज ।
सांच जवाहर खोल, सतवादी जग में सुखी ॥
उत्तम सत्य बरत पा लीजे, पर-विश्वासघात नहीं कीजे ।
सांचे झूठे मानुष देखो, आपन पूत स्वपास न पेखो ॥
पेखो तिहायत पुरुष सांचे, को दरब सब दीजिये ।
मुनिराज-श्रावक की प्रतिष्ठा, सांच गुन लख लीजिये ॥
ऊंचे सिन्हासन बैठि वसु न्रुप, धरम का भूपति भया ।
वच झूठ सेति नरक पहुंचा, सुरग में नारद गया ॥


We should not speak harsh words, we should also completely refrain from criticism and lie. We should always speak the truth, a true person always remains happy. We should try to achieve supreme truthfulness, and should not deceive anyone. Today all kind of people exist, even our own son can betray us. Hence we should always help those who are truthful. A Sage or a Shraavak can be checked by the quality of truthfulness. By lying even a King can go to bad state (Hell etc), and even a poor person can get very good state (Heaven etc) by being truthful.
We should try to be completely truthful and should never lie. We should also not hurt others from our words.

Day 6 : Uttam Sanyam

This day celebrates Uttam Sanyam meaning Supreme Self-control


काय छहों प्रतिपाल, पंचेंद्री मन वश करो ।
सन्जम रतन संभाल, विषय चोर बहु फ़िरत हैं ॥
उत्तम सन्जम गहु मन मेरे, भव-भव के भांजै अघ तेरे ।
सुरग-नरक-पशुगति में नाहीं, आलस-हरन करन-सुख ठाहीं ॥
ठाहीं प्रुथी जल आग मारूत, रुख त्रस करुना धरो ।
सपरसन रसना घ्रान नैना, कान मन सब वश करो ॥
जिस बिना नहि जिनराज सीझे, तु रुल्यो जग-कीच में ।
इक घरी मत विसरो करो नित, आव जम-मुख बीच में ॥

We should control both five senses and the Mann (heart). We should safeguard the gem of self-control as the burglars in the form of attractive subjects are always alert and roaming. By keeping supreme self-control we can get rid of the pains of many births. This supreme self-control can only be observed in this Human form and not any other (Heaven, Hell, Animals) form. It causes us to lose our laziness and be happy. We should be careful towards all the living beings be it a human being or a small creature (Found in fire, water, earth and air). We should have control on all our senses- touch, taste, nose, eyes and ears. Without this we have been wandering from lot of time in this world. Now we shouldn’t waste any more time and start controlling our senses as much as possible with the ultimate aim of Supreme Self-contorl.

Piyush Jain

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9 thoughts on “Uttam Aarjav, Uttam Shauch , Uttam Satya and Uttam Sanyam

    • Jai Jinendra…..Great Work Done Piyush.. Really like the way you have described. Its the era of internet nd I am sure a lot of young people will gain more n more knowledge about our Dharma from this.

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  2. really very great job, i searched for the meaning of all dharma …………but only got audio or video pravchan………. so good explanation u gave, and greatest was u included hindi shlok of all dharma that is part of main pooja, thums up dear

  3. The verses you have written for Uttam Shauch belong to Uttam Tap. For Shauch it is no greed….lobh paap ka baap bakhana.

    Great Job.


    • @Mohini – I believe whats written in the post is correct. I have written correct verse for Uttam Shauch. Anyways, Thanks for the appreciation !
      Jai Jinendra

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