Passport & Bribe

Now even i am a passport holder. Of course this is not why i am writing this post. I want to talk about the bribe that is involved in getting our passports made. I am talking about bribing the Officer that has become kind of mandatory, as if we don’t make him happy our passport is not going to be made.

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On the one hand we talk about eradicating corruption & having a corruption free new India & on the other hand we ourselves promote it. Why do we fear so much ? as if that investigating officer is the topmost authority to make passport! as if only he has got all the rights & we have no option but to bow to him.
If all IIITians decide not to give even a single penny to the passport officer, he cant dare to do anything unlawful. If suppose even if he tries, i hope we IIITians are good enough to do a sting operation or two 😉 Well you might be taking it as a joke but really i had decided that if i am not going to get my passport made i will do anything to get justice. After all our parents are not giving us their hard earned money to bribe people.
By the way, did i tell you i did not give a single penny to the passport officer & ya got my passport made in the same duration as my friend’s who applied with me. Believe it or not some of my friend were so feared that they gave him money without him asking for it. One went on to the extent of calling him back and asking if he needs anything, after he had left his room. Crap !!

I request all of my fellow IIITians to not promote this unlawful activity anymore. We are not doing any crime! & if you give urgency as your reason to bribe, please do it early. Don’t wait till the end e.g. All B.Tech students should get it made in 3rd Year itself.

Hope to see a positive change !


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6 thoughts on “Passport & Bribe

  1. we at nitw contacted the passport officer at warangal and got the passports for all of us by getting the whole staff at our premises for a wekend.. did’nt pay a single penny.. and gotr our passports within two months.. u can do the same…


  2. whats this about bribing passport office officials. i got mine renewed about 4 years ago without the slightest glitch. the passport was nicely delivered at my doorstep too….. 🙂 i dont think there is any need to bribe passport officials…..atleast in hyd.

  3. hehe…
    dude… sarkari kaam aise nahi chalte… i wonder if u had ever been to govt. officers.. replies u wil get are sahib busy hai…

    if u dont pay up the bribe.. he wont say anything.. just wont forward the file.. or report it as file lost.. or wil put up that u were not available at ur place.. or some other formalities will be needed as per his wish.. .. :)) so enjoi this system

  4. @Shadow: I hope he wont dare thn..

    @Piyush: Well idea is good if could be implemented in a big city like hyd…

    @Varun: Yaar tune iiit main nahi banwaya na…apne frnds se pooch sab ne 200 se 300 rs diye hain…

    @Truth: You seem to have mould yourself according to existing system. Hope not every1 does so.
    & btw i have been to quite many govt offices, so its not like i dont have any idea how things move…but thts whr we have to take lead and change the system..

  5. no comments… just move around… and see..
    or may be peek inside u.. wen there is no incentive no 1 works.. its very hard 2 take.. but tht;s the truth.. no ends up in class wen there is no attendance.. i ask a favor u will refuse.. i put up small reward u will jump 2 work..

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