Movie that made me cry..

After a long time, i came across a movie that made me cry !! I think, earlier i would have never thought that i would be in tears watching a “Telugu” movie!
This movie is recent talk of “Triple IT”.
I am talking about Bommarillu, it is simply awesome!
Both Siddartha & Genelia acted beautifully, to say the least. Till first half it was a feel good movie but in the second half it was just awesome. Music of movie is gr8.
Thanks to all the friends who suggested & of course who downloaded this movie.
This family thing always brings tears in my eyes be it K3G or Baghbaan, and now its Bommarillu.
Btw he made a mistake by selecting ha ha hasini to marry..since till 24 years his father didnt let him talk and now ha ha hasini wont 😀

I always delete movie after watching once (who has the time to watch twice 😉 ), but this one….no way !!

Go watch bommarillu, if u havent yet !


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