About the April 1st post :D

Sorry to those:
Who are ardent Sachin fan & didn’t want to see him retiring at any cost be it the world cup :P, and for a moment they felt shattered.

Sorry to those:

Who were waiting for this moment to come true, but were shattered after knowing that it was a joke.

Thanks to:

All the readers to make it my most read post 😛 & thanks to some of my friends for forwarding it on there yahoo messengers 😉

ROFL at :

Streethawk 😀 (Refer DC++ readboard)

I feel pity at:
blah@blahg.com because he is really sick(mentally) person. God please help him. And all of you please send him “Get well soon” cards 😀

Though i seriously think it is the time Sachin should say bye bye to Cricket, atleast One-days.
Australia is looking unbeatable again. Oh god! now hattrick of World Cup’s too 😦


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