Hu Ha India, Aaya India !

Friends World Cup 07 has begun….and this time team India is well & truly in race with lot of match winners.When i went through the complete list of Indian team i didnt see even a single person who has never won a match for India. I hope all of them click well this time & complete the task that they left unfinished last time…Wishing you good luck dudes.

& Now something about the world cup in my way 😉

Its high time again, all nations are geared up,
after a gap of 4 year, comes back the world cup.

16 teams this time, but only 8 truly in race,
alas this time we will miss, brett & shoeb’s pace.

Tendya, Dada & Mcgrath, are here for last time,
hope they play as well, as they played in their prime.

If i had to choose, the final four in the race,
Aussies India Lanka & Africa, are ahead in the chase.

Players to look for, are Dada Utthappa & Tendya,
From deep within, I wish good luck to Team India.

What we left unfinished, in cup’s last edition,
Hope we will prove, losing finals is not our tradition.

Warning to the world, from team of Tendya,
Hu ha India, Aaya India !!

Hu Ha India, Aaya India….

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