SOS : Search of Someone…

I hope with this post i am expressing the feelings of a lot of my friends…who after being away from their parents are searching for someone…someone adorable,someone lovable…

Though I am with crowd but still alone,
nothing I wanted those days are gone..

But now I feel I need someone with me,
someone i care for whom & who cares for me..

Someone who is kind and beautiful at heart,
someone from whom I would never get part..

Someone to whom I am the best,
even if I am lesser than the rest..

Someone to whom my innocense is precious,
who have faith in me & not suspicious..

Someone who shares her every single thought,
from whom any explaination i never ever ought,

Someone who is not bothered about the world,
who is more precious to me than emerald..

To me I am sure you are that someone,
with hands in hand i can freely run..

Though i havent seen you but ur image is in mind,
u are caring loving u r true u r kind..

I wish no more alone i would remain,
be my girl i want to be your man..

I am the one,for you who would bear any pain,
Be my Girl I want to be your man…

Be my Girl I want to be your Man…

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