Piyush is a Cheater !!

Neeche di gayi poem Satya Ghatna par aadharit hai & iska jeevit logon se gehra sambandh hai… 😛

It was sometime
when i was in seventh class….
busy in mugging up the questions
which were necessary to get pass…

Questions were too big
& i was so small…
& the habbit of mugging them up
for me proved to be fatal…

I tried my best
& read them again n again…
But those big questions
couldnt enter my brain…

Then came the time
with one day left for the Xam…
My brain stopped working
as if it had got a jam..

Marks were precious to me
as toys for a kid….
I decided to do something
tht my friends frequently did….

Those BIG-BIG questions
now were in my chit….
this daring plan of mine
I hoped to be a hit…

Next day in the Hall
terrified I sat….
worried about the questions
which one will i get….

I felt a bit Happy
& at the same time I felt Sad…
there is a question from the chit
on finding about that….

Being a First Timer
I didnt know Cheating’s Rules….
I wished to God
Why didnt u make Cheating Schools ??

I put the chit beside me
trembling with fear…
My face grew Gray
as the Invigilator came near…

He had seen me copying
from my chit to the sheet…
I couldnt prepare myself
to prepare time’s Heat…

Tears came from my eyes
as if Rain from the Cloud….
I lost all my image
of which i was so Proud….

After getting insulted
& tainted for ever….
I decided not to cheat
Never ! Never ! Never !

This has been tragedy with me always 😦 i mean whenever i cheated i got caught.
So finally i decided not to cheat after i got caught in 8th class again :)) & haan Thank God !! i am following tht resolution till now.. 🙂

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