Paichaan Kaun !!

Here is a small exercise for your idle minds 😉 each stanza contains some particular characteristics of our beloved profs 😉 now how much u knw abt thm can b knwn if u cud answer who is the prof being mentioned….
Are u ready….Get Set Go….

1) Explaining wid examples,
with laptop in hand..
& his great grading formula,
tht u wil never understand..

2) Have the art of making,
most interesting subject look bore…
No probs if u sleep in class,
in book u wil get more..

3) His hillarious sense of humour,
is his most important trait..
a prof a dean a friend,
you wil never forget..

4) He is as cool as ice,
with stylish pony tail..
on going late to his classes,
you dont need to look pale..

5) He is strict he is motivating,
the prof i admire most..
on copying in his assignments,
he might seem a ghost..

6) He might be short in height,
but energywise he is long..
my first view about this new prof,
i hope does not prove wrong…

7) The most well behaved,
& decent prof you wil ever meet..
his commitment at this age,
no one can ever beat…

8) This gentleman with attitude,
with english taught abt life..
but the lady is simple & down to earth,
who happens to be his wife..

9) The most uninteresting prof,
in whose class u need not concentrate..
bcoz wht he reads in class, (Mind U read n nt teach)
in course slides u will get..

10) From far she will look lenient,
but when closer u will get..
she is as strict as JAVAhar,
keeps u on ur toes,I bet..

11) Sending mail to students list,
intended for one IIITian brat,
& his trademark “How bout U”,
how can we forget that..

Got them ?? no??
Solutions in next post…

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