Exam Vexam Hai Rabba !!

Again came Exam Time,
Appaji sent us the time table…..
probably it was the first time,
when even “HE” seemed to be a Devil..

Willingly or unwillingly,
we had to write the test…..
so once again i decided,
to work hard & give my Best…

First time in few months,
my concentration seemed to be Right…
I started working hard.
working hard Day and Night…..

24 hours a day were less,
I wanted them to be more….
Once again i cursed myself,
why didnt i start few days before….

Now i had just one option,
to use the time left in my Hand…..
The time was slipping so fast,
as if it was sand….

Then came the Death Day,
we all were in the Hall….
we all knew the reality,
so expectations were too small…

After watching the Exam paper,
I was just about to faint….
but i had to write something,
as I had to answer my Parent….

The Prof tried to motivate us,
saying no Guts no Glory…..
probably we were not too interested,
because same was the story…..

Finally the torture ended ,
some came out Weeping some Crying…
I tried hard to look kool,
though i knew i was Lying…..

After my dismal Performance,
finally I took a resolution…
I wont sleep in the lectures,
& will start early my preparation….

But I couldnt change myself,
even after coming at such juncture….
& do u know that this poem,
I have written in the same lecture…..

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