Dont Smile Its a Crime !!

First of all i wud like to tell u why i wrote this poem or whatever 😛
& its quite obvious from the description of my Blog tht this work too has been done in the lecture.
Haan so i was telling u abt the reason but i think u will get it as u go on reading it…….& tell me whether u r gonna smile after reading it or not 🙂
So here it goes…..

Sometimes even a Smile
becomes a Crime…
May be some ppl dont
understand its Rhyme….

It becomes a crime,
when ppl goes into it too deep…
wht can be the reason,
they search and they peep….

Today when i smiled,
my friend asked me yaar….
the reason definitely is,
love shove & pyaar vyaar….

I said to him its just
a sign of my innocence….
But my dear friend,
couldn’t smell its fragrance…

i asked, hadn’t i been
all this while….
wud it have been possible 4 me,
to make u smile….

then i told him….

there is a treasure of happiness,
tht even u can extract….
& if u wanna get it then,
come on & Just Smile like tht…. 🙂

Come on & Smile like tht…..

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