Bas itna sa khwab hai….

Every1 has some wishes, every1 dreams abt something… every1 wants their wishes to b fulfilled, every1 wants their dreams to come true…thn whts wrong even if i wish..thn whts wrong if i dream ??

Today i want to disclose,
the dreams tht i see..
my desires are very few,
I am sure u will agree..

I want to be the most,
happy person in the universe..
I want to be most healthy,
a person without any curse..

I want to be the person,
to whom everyone admire most..
I wan to be so strong,
from whom fears even ghost..

I want to be loved by every1,
with whom i ever meet..
I want to have the spirit,
to whom no one can beat..

I wan to have tht authority,
tht every1 follow my orders..
I want to have that omnipresence,
to stop me thr wont b any borders..

I want all the bad thoughts,
to be removed frm my mind..
I want to be magnanimous,
honest helping & kind..

Donno whether these little desires,
tht i have kept in my heart..
I will ever be able to fulfill,
before my body and soul get apart..

I want you to read my poem,
& with you reading it till now..
I can say with proud,
atleast this wish fulfilled,Wow!!

Bas Itna sa khwab hai…..>;-)

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