Aaj Main Khush Hoon..

Yeah!! i m really vry happy & it can be observed frm the fact tht i hav written this poem outside the lecture hall !!

I am Happy,
Yes I am Happy……

After a long time,
Even my life is in rhyme..
Though I was always sure,
But i knew i’l have to endure..

Happiness of relations,
Happiness of celebrations..
Joy of loosing afflictions,
Joy of regained affections..

My loved ones with whom,
I once had tied knot..
Yes the same people with time,
I unintentionally forgot..

I want to thank ceremonies,
I want to thank celebrations..
They have brought together,
those broken joyous relations..

Now there is no nagging,
now there is no bragging..
Just care,love & affection,
this surrounding is having..

I know there is a lot,
still to be achieved..
But this little Shower of Joy,
has made me relieved..

Hoping to say Good-Bye,
to my sufferings & pain..
Hope this delightful shower,
wil bring much awaited Rain..

Smile please..!! I am happy after all.. 🙂

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